Team Golden Dragon


Reiki healing at Golden Dragon is combined with crystals for balancing chakra energy and releasing any blockages within the physical and subtle bodies. With Our Reiki Experts to guide you, Reiki can provide an overall sense of peace and tranquillity, instilling clarity and mental focus on all levels. Our Reiki healing sessions has helped many in treating illnesses and diseases, including depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, emotional problems, fatigue, mental and physical pain and blockages, many chronic illnesses and diseases, arthritis, digestive, intestinal, musculoskeletal problems and skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, and also fibromyalgia.
It can be used alongside other therapies and medications, as it is harmless.

Consultation ₹ 300/-
Treatmment ₹ 500/-

Team Golden Dragon, Martial Arts In Goa

Consultation Form

    Basic reiki focuses on working to release toxicity in the body, working with the area of greatest need.

    Advance Level reiki for trauma, shifting habits, attitudes, relationships, requires a series of reiki sessions.

    GPay on this number : 9767530730