Team Golden Dragon

1. Team Golden Dragon School (Self defence, Gymnastics, Fitness & Yoga), operates a year round program and payments are made every Month or every quarter, Half Yearly OR Yearly depending on your preferred payment method until a cancellation is made.
2. Confirmation of enrolment: All enrolments should receive a confirmation of enrolment email. Please contact our Customer Care team within 48 hours if you do not receive your enrolment confirmation email.
3. No Refund of ADMISSION fees once admission form is filled and Admission Fees paid.
4. Monthly Fees are required to be paid On or before 10th of every month irrespective of number of classes attended.
Our Instructors usually do not skip classes and remain present every class irrespective of the number of student’s attending that  session, thereby students attending more then ONE CLASS per month is entitled to PAY THE ENTIRE MONTHS FEE.
Our busy class schedule doesn’t permit us to conduct any extra classes. WE DO NOT conduct any extra classes  for sessions that have been missed due to absenteeism of students or absenteeism of trainers on duty during Events & tournaments.
5. Non attendance for a continuous period of 2 months will result in cancellation of registration. Renewal of admission can be done after FRESH Re-payment of registration & Monthly Fees whatsoever applicable at the time of Re-admission.
6. PUBLIC HOLIDAYS  during a month as decided by the Govt of India is a Holiday. 
7. Fees entitle students to attend 8/10/12 classes per month depending on the course selected.
8. Photographic & video Consent
From time to time we may take photographs or video footage of the classes for use on promotional material  and/or social media or the Self Defence Goa website. Any photographs or video footage taken of the classes will only be used by Golden Dragon School and will not be shared with  any third party.
9. A student enrolled in one branch cannot shift his/her training programme to another branch until proper  permission is granted  by the concerned trainer or with the  permission from President of Golden n Dragon School.
10. Advance Fees for Private training shall be for minimum of 10 classes.
A student can renew his classes as per the current Fees applicable .
11. Private classes scheduled on the same day can be cancelled  4 hours in advance and before 10pm failing which fees will be charged for the session.
Cancellation of private classes NOT ALLOWED after 10pm Once schedule is prepared.  
12. FIRST Regular session is usually a Free trail training session. In case of Private/Home training it shall be a paid Trial session. A student attending more then One training session of REGULAR classes in a month is liable to pay the entire months Fee irrespective of his/her attendance during that months period.
13. Grading exam shall be conducted every quarterly or half yearly. Grading session for Martial arts, Gymnastics as well as Yoga are conducted half yearly or quarterly as decided by  the club. Student who hasn’t paid his/her monthly dues or holds any other pending dues as required or any such dues demanded or levied by the association Or GODLEN Dragon School of Martial Arts,  shall not be entitled to appear for the grading exam OR his Grading result shall be kept on hold until his dues  whatsoever are cleared.