Team Golden Dragon


Team Golden Dragon

In our decade-long legacy of nurturing the ‘unique potential’ of every student be it Kids or Adults, we have shaped, in metros and suburbs alike, a new cult of selfdefense, Fitness, Yoga & Dance for everyone. On this revolutionary journey, we touched the hearts of many students and and impacted their lives in shaping and transforming them from Ordinary  to extra-ordinary students and also improving students art skills into smart-thinking, dynamic, and ‘ready-for-life’ individuals.
Be it Self defense, Gymnastics, Yoga or Dance, We focus our attention on creating interesting learning experiences from our rich curriculum designed for every art taught at our Centres.
At Team Golden Dragon kids acquire skills through play-way  methods where’s adults are exposed to fun way methods. 
We value our commitment towards quality education and training along with complementing aspects of self-reliance, peer student interaction, and individual growth. In this process, we created a solid foundation in our training curriculum and polished our course model to make it profitable for all the stakeholders involved.

Team Golden Dragon

Our Approach

Every student is endowed with unique potential- an infinite one. Our curriculums are designed to help student realize….


To be leading Fitness & Martial Arts academy  Chain in its pursuit of outstanding education capable of exploring the potentials….

Awards & Recognition

We innovate to improve the way the world works and lives. Team Golden Dragon is proud to have been recognized as a leader…